The Success of Bestselling Author Dr. Jean-Pierre Isbouts — A Profile by Peter Miller

Peter Miller and Jean-Pierre Isbouts during filming at the Alte Pinakothek in Munich, Germany

In reviewing relationships I’ve had with authors throughout my career, some of them stand out as being extraordinary, multitalented, and versatile talents. In the instance of Dr. Jean-Pierre Isbouts, not only is he an author and historian, as well as a doctoral professor in Human Development, but he’s also an accomplished filmmaker, screenwriter, director, and producer.

I was introduced to Jean-Pierre by another extraordinary visionary, Bernard Luskin, who had a brother working in business affairs at Disney that I had befriended. In my circle of contacts and friends, Bernard was involved with several other people I knew or had worked with. One day, Jean-Pierre was on the phone with Bernard, asking him who a good literary agent would be, and Bernard dropped my name. That was back in the late 1990s. I spoke to Jean-Pierre and have been representing him ever since.

His books have sold over two million copies for National Geographic and additionally, I’ve been involved in several documentary film projects that he has created, including The Mona Lisa Myth, narrated by Morgan Freeman, and The Search for the Last Supper, based on his book Young Leonardo, by Thomas Dunne Books and St. Martin’s Press.

To say that Jean-Pierre is prolific would be an understatement. In the coming 12 months, he will have four books published. The first is Women of the Bible, a National Geographic bookazine to be published in Fall 2020; The Dali Legacy, to be published in December of 2020; Mapping America: The Incredible Story and Stunning Hand-Colored Maps and Engravings that Created the United States, to be published by Apollo Publishing in March 2021; and he’s presently completing his magnum opus, The History of the World, which will be approximately five-hundred pages with seven-hundred illustrations, to be published by National Geographic in the Fall of 2021.

In addition to his indefatigable pursuit of writing, he’s a great husband, father, an adamant dog-lover, world traveler and lecturer. I couldn’t be more proud to represent a unique talent like Jean-Pierre.

One of Jean-Pierre’s biggest accomplishments is his extensive work for National Geographic. While in Washington D.C. in 2006, I was introduced to an editor at this publisher. In that meeting, she told me she was looking for an author to write a book entitled The Biblical World: An Illustrated Atlas. That was the first book Jean-Pierre contracted with National Geographic for, and to my knowledge, it has sold well over 400,000 copies — quite an exceptional number for a large hard-cover book priced at $40. Since we began working with Nat Geo, Jean-Pierre has written fifteen other books which include a series of bookazines that are all averaging over 200,000 copies in sales.

Jean-Pierre’s dedication to history extends to his collection of 25,000 photographs that he’s curated over the years. He’s also become a prolific lecturer on cruise ships around the world, which has afforded him the opportunity to travel to dozens of historical sites and consequently collect his own photographs of unique images that have built the history of the world.

One of the unique things about working with an international author and world traveler is that I’ve had the opportunity to meet him in many wonderful cities, which include New York, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Fort Lauderdale, Washington D.C., London, Munich, Rome, and Cannes, France. I sincerely hope I’ll be able to join him in more exotic locations on the planet in the not too distant future.

I’m very proud that I have brought many ideas to Jean-Pierre, most of which he’s championed, and the latest is Mapping America, which I wrote about here. As a seasoned, global literary manager, I am honored to recognize the extraordinary talents of Jean-Pierre’s work and look forward to working with him for many years to come. I hope you’ll get the chance to enjoy some of his work via his Amazon Profile or his website.

Peter Miller, the Literary Lion, has been a literary and film manager for decades and is President & CEO of Global Lion Intellectual Property Management, Inc.

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