Making Your Author Dream Come True

My late, wonderful mother taught me a lot of great lessons. One of them was “Son, if you can sell it, and make a profit, you’ll sell something else another day. And son, there’s a buyer for everything.”

My name is Peter Miller, President, and Founder of Global Lion Intellectual Property Managementan international literary film and intellectual property management company that has evolved over several decades to become a unique force in the world of publishing, film, and digital content.

My passion is to make an author’s dreams come true and I have been blessed to do just that for well over 48 years. When I reflect back on the decades of my being a literary manager, I reflect on many stories of instances whereby I was instrumental in connecting the dots between an author, idea, and a publisher, movie producer, or anyone else. Finding a home for a book that an author has labored over for months is a beautiful moment in time.

Connecting the dots and making people’s dreams come true is something that I specialize in. I’ll never forget when I represented Nancy Taylor Rosenberg. I held an auction on her first book, Mitigating Circumstances, which resulted in a major four-book, 3-million-dollar deal with DUTTON/NAL. Some people told me I would never sell it because it was about a DA who got away with murder. They also told me I’ll never make a movie deal. Even though Nancy received close to a million for the movie rights, it sadly was never made. The book was a NYT bestseller for many weeks, a Literary Guild main selection, and published in twenty-eight countries. I made her dream come true and that deal became a life-changing event for her and her family.

A little less than two years later I was up to bat for Nancy again on a new four-book deal, and the late Marvin Brown, an executive at Dutton, made me an offer of 3.2 million dollars for four books. That offer became a 5 million dollar 4-book deal, and I made more dreams come true for Nancy, I learned an invaluable lesson from Mr. Brown in negotiating this deal. When Marvin offered the 3.2 million, I shared with him that we’d already made a deal for 4 books for 3 million that were performing extremely well and that I wanted a 5-million-dollar advance for the next four-book deal. Marvin said to me:

“Peter, business always boils down to two things. Relationships and money. I know that by speaking with you and my previous encounters with
you, that we have a good relationship. Now, all we have to do is work out the money.”

Unfortunately, Marvin wasn’t allowed to make a deal over 5 million or more and had to contact the publisher Peter Mayer, who also had to contact the chairman of Pearson to get approval. Peter Mayer phoned me the next morning and said we had a deal.

One of my greatest thrills in representing authors has always been to make them happy. Finding a good home for a good book is not an easy business. The advent of Amazon, e-readers, and the internet, versus the technological explosion, has changed the way books are sold, and infused literary business with a technological component that’s changed a business that used to be conducted over lunch, and has now morphed into an email with all the necessary attachments.

Sadly, the publishing of fiction has been the most effective category in publishing, because publishers are more apt to buy a narrative nonfiction book than a new novel by an unknown writer. However, there are exceptions to every rule. Authors will emerge with writing breakthrough books. Hopefully, I’ll be there to defend a genius author’s rights when they need to get published.

So wake up, write something great and maybe I can be a part of your dream.

If you’re an author looking to ATTRACT & LEVERAGE the attention of the most important people in every author’s life — agents, editors, and especially readers, I invite you to join the elite Global Lion community. Click here to become a Global Lion Insider today and receive a free copy of the author’s brand builder guide developed specifically with you in mind.

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